Coach Profile: Dean Shanks

Dean Shanks, Senior Strength & Performance Coach

Hons BA Physical Education
Titleist Performance Institute Golf Fitness Professional (Level 2)


Coach Dean Shanks joins us this off-season as a Senior Strength and Performance Coach whose primary role during #OS2018 will be working closely with our Professional, Major Junior and NCAA athletes along with Coach Brooks.

Dean brings a wealth of training knowledge and experience to our OS2018 program and is known for his precision when it comes to core training and corrective exercise.

Dean’s understanding of core training will be a valuable asset to helping our off-season athletes maximize their performance potential by addressing key individual areas of need and providing specific core exercises for each athlete to help build a better foundation for strength, power, speed and fitness. Good hockey players are developed from the core out and it takes far more than a few sets of planks and sit-ups to provide athletes with true core performance.

We are excited to have Dean elevate the quality of both our training and exercise prescription with these high level athletes this summer!


Athletic Background
  • Ontario Junior Hockey League (OJHL)
  • Ontario Youth Soccer League (OYSL)
  • Rugby Ontario
What is your background in training hockey players?

Spent two off-seasons training WHL, WJHL and NHL prospects in Edmonton, Alberta.

What are you most looking forward to about this coming off-season?

Definitely the atmosphere that comes along with the off-season. The relationships you build with the athletes, the dedication and effort you see, the results you help them achieve and all the laughs and stories in between it all.

What is your favourite exercise for hockey players? 

Single leg deadlift.

What is your favourite post-workout meal? 

A tex mex style stir fry with chicken, beans, avacado, veggies etc. Lots of good fats, protein,  carbs.

What advice do you have for the players starting their off-season program?

Don’t just show up and go through the motions. There needs to be 110% focus and effort from the warm up to your last lift, from the simplest exercise to the most complex. It all matters. Be confident in yourself and your abilities, compete every day and have fun along the way.

What is something most people would not know about you? 

I have two sons (Malcolm and Leo).


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