Spring 2018 Programs & Promotions

Spring 2018 Programs & Promotions

Personal Fitness

  • One month unlimited intro membership $59. ($90 Saving)

    Includes group classes and open gymAll new members required to complete orientation session.

  • Personal Training Intro Offer

    3 Personal Training Sessions $100 – $170 Saving (Max 1/person). Intro offer includes orientation session.

  • SHRED City “KW’s Top Transformation Program” is ALMOST SOLD OUT. The next program starts in April 16th. SIGN UP TODAY!

    “Waterloo Region’s Top Transformation Program” – This program has demonstrated proven results to help people lose weight, improve their nutritional habits, improve strength and improve their overall energy. This 10 week transformation program helps participants Realize their Potential by providing physical training, nutritional coaching and improving the mindset and overall confidence. Every season gets SOLD OUT!! CHANGE YOUR LIFE TODAY! Our next program starts the week of April 16th. To secure your spot we require a $200 deposit.

  • 60 Day Challenge Summer Slimdown – May 7th

    Want to look good in your swim wear? We’ve designed a 60 day challenge that will shred fat, build lean muscle, and keep you accountable for 8 weeks!

    What’s Included:

    • Semi-personalized program that matches your availability and fitness level
    • Before and after 3D body scans (pictures optional)
    • 2 month membership that grants you full access to the facility and our classes (for new members)
    • Sample meal plans and nutrition tips to develop better habits

    Cost for Members: $99+hst (includes semi-individualized program and 3D body scans) 
    Cost for Non-Members: $299+hst (includes 2 month unlimited membership, semi-individualized program, and 3D body scans) 
    Cost for Online Participants: $199+hst 

    MyZone belt NOT required!



  • Athlete INTRO Month Offer

    We want to open our doors to athletes who want to experience the #DepthDifference. Take advantage of the knowledgeable and motivating coaches who create an atmosphere that is fun and challenging with the goal of helping each individual learn how to train safely and effectively to maximize performance.

    • Who? This program is for athletes in ANY sport who want to experience what Depth Training is all about.
    • What? This program includes 12 training sessions to be used in a 30-day period.
    • The cost of this program is $79+HST.
    • What’s Next? Once your first month is completed you will decide how many training sessions you will need moving forward based on the number of weeks you wish to train and the appropriate number of training sessions per week to reach your goals. Our individual elite athlete training session prices are as follows:
      • 10 sessions – $199+HST (best for short term program of less than 4 weeks)
      • 20 sessions – $360+HST (best for medium term programs of 5-10 weeks at 2-4 sessions per week)
      • 30 sessions – $450+HST (best for medium to long term programs of 10-15 weeks at 2-3 sessions per week)
      • 40 sessions – $480+HST (best for medium to long term programs at 10-15 weeks at 3 to 4 sessions per week)
    How to get started? Email justin@depthtraining.ca
  • Off-Season Training: May 7th – August 25th

    Want to have your best hockey season ever? Then don’t let strength and power training just be part of your in-season program, keep your training going during the off-season to maximize your on-ice performance.

    • Who? This program is for hockey players of ANY level born in 2005 and older.
    • What? The off-season hockey strength and power program is designed to help improve a players’ physical development for increased on-ice performance specific to their phase of development. The off-season strength and power program will be specific to the athlete’s playing schedule and focus on training 1 to 3 days per week.
    For more information, click on the following link: https://www.depthtraining.ca/off-season_hockey_training_programs/
    How to get started? Email justin@depthtraining.ca
  • Upgrade Any of Your Athlete Experiences
    • How? Combine your training program with our Athlete Assessment and Performance Therapy Program to quickly identify areas of strength, weakness, injury risk and individual training needs to customize your training program and maximize your results.
      • Assessment (60 minutes) – $90 billed through Physiotherapy
      • Follow-Up Visits (30 minutes) – $70 billed through Physiotherapy
    • Combine your Training Program with our Athlete High Performance Nutrition Program to assess your sport nutrition needs and receive a 3-Day Sample Meal Plan to be reviewed with a Depth Training Nutrition Coach. Take your athlete to the next level.
      • $100+HST includes a 30-minute nutrition coaching session and 3 Day Sample Meal Plan.
  • Young Gunz Athlete Training Program (2006, 2007)

    Are you a young athlete born in 2006, 2007 and looking to start training with Depth?

    Check out our YOUNG GUNZ Athlete Training Program which focused on the fundamentals of athletic strength and conditioning for sports. In this program, we focus on developing athletic movement skills and qualities to help maximize both fitness levels and sports performance in young athletes.

    • When?
      • Mondays – 6pm
      • Wednesdays – 6pm
      • Saturdays – 11am
    • Cost?
      • Start with 4, 8 or 12 sessions to keep it simple.
      • Sign-in online using our MindBody System.
      • Re-new once training sessions have been used.
      • 4 sessions – $60+HST
      • 8 sessions – $96+HST
      • 12 sessions – $120+HST
    How to get started? Email justin@depthtraining.ca


  • Back to Fitness Program

    Are aches and pains holding you back from getting into a good fitness routine? Let our physiotherapists assess the root cause and guide you through individualized exercise programming to help you make the transition back to the gym!

  • Custom Orthotics

    Improve everyday activities from work to play. Firm enough to provide control, yet flexible enough to offer all-day comfort, our customized orthotics have options. Need a pair of orthotics for a certain shoe, activity, or just for work? Depth Physiotherapy & Sports Rehab offers Footmaxx custom orthotic fitting using a 3D Scanner to accurately capture the contours of your feet. Designed to provide maximum foot control for each individual, we can even customize sport specific orthotics for hockey and golf!

  • Multi Disciplinary Team: Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Massage Therapy

    Experience how rehab should be! With a focus on you, we value longer one-on-one sessions to get you back to feeling your best. With physiotherapy, chiropractic, and massage therapy on-site, we will make sure you are getting the right care for your injury.

  • Concussion Management

    Make sure concussive episodes are managed properly. DEPTH is proud to be a provider of post-concussion rehabilitation for Waterloo Minor Hockey making sure each athlete is safe prior to returning to the ice.

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