Whistle Bear Spring/Summer 2018 Programs & Promotions

Spring & Summer 2018 Programs & Promotions

Personal Fitness

  • 10 Week Spring Strength Challenge $425

    Includes group training classes 3x per week (6:30 AM on Tues, Thurs, Friday). 2x Styku Body Scans to track % body fat and overall inches lost. Weekly movement challenges.

    Starts April 17th. Limited to 12 participants. Sign up ASAP to reserve your spot!

  • Personal Training Intro Offer

    3 Personal Training Sessions $100 – $170 Saving (Max 1/person). Intro offer includes orientation session.

  • MOVE IT with My Zone Challenge

    6 Week Challenge

    Starts: May 1st
    Ends: June 11th
    How to get involved:
    Buy a My Zone Belt if you don’t have one already. Then start workouts at Depth and on your own to gain MEP’s.
    The Challenge:
    People will be paired up into partners. Help keep each other on track and push each other to gain more MEP’s.
    The pair with the highest MEP’s and the best cardio challenge result will win a cash prize.
    Join Depth Classes or workout on your own: At home workouts can be provided
    Bonus Prizes:
    If you earn over 6000 MEPs during the 6 weeks you will gain an entry into a draw for a Prize from the Whistle Bear Pro Shop. Every 500 MEPs over that gets you another entry into the draw.
    Who should participate?
    Those looking to stay motivated during the warmer weather.
    Members who want to stay active and working towards a goal. 
    Anyone who wants to improve cardiovascular health.
    Belt: $119+hst
    Unlimited Classes: $100+hst
    Admin: $50+hst
    Total: $269+hst (if all required)
    Get your belt. Earn the points. Meet the challenge.
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