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Located in just outside Cambridge, ON at Whistle Bear Golf Club, DEPTH at Whistle Bear offers a unique ambience. The tranquil energy from the natural surroundings is something not easily found in other fitness and rehab environments.


A variety of training options available to you at this beautiful location

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Efficiency Starts Here

What is it?

A 16 part-movement screen identifies how limitations  affects Body-Swing Connection™. Results are then used to develop a comprehensive corrective exercise training program.

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Optimize your results

Fitness is only one piece of the puzzle

Personalized nutrition consultations to ensure you get results and improve your health.

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Decrease stress and improve flexibility

For health and healing

This tranquil environment makes Whistle Bear the perfect location for an effective yoga session.

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Although our boutique Cambridge, ON location is within Whistle Bear Golf Club, the facility is for everyone. Anyone in the community can come into DEPTH and experience our quality personal training, small group training, nutrition coaching, yoga, and TPI programs at Whistle Bear’s beautiful facility. Members can also enjoy the benefits of having a fitness facility on site at this exceptional golf course. For more information, please contact [email protected].


Kerri Brown
Kerri BrownPersonal Trainer & Nutrition Coach

Kerri graduated from the University of Guelph-Humber with a degree in Kinesiology and diploma in Fitness and Health Promotion. Kerri continued her education at the University of Ottawa for a Master’s of Human Kinetics with a focus on Intervention and Consultation. She believes in a balanced approach to life that includes workouts, eating right and having fun. Kerri finds it’s important to work on the physical, nutritional and mental aspects with each client. She enjoys high intensity workouts for both strength and endurance, especially the workouts that include prowlers, kettlebells and battling ropes. In her free time, Kerri enjoys travelling around the world, cooking and trying new sports. She currently plays hockey in the winter and golfs in the summer.

Dean Shanks
Dean ShanksSenior Performance & Fitness Coach, Personal Trainer

Dean graduated from Brock University with a Bachelor of Physical Education. He strives to make fitness something that is sustainable for everyone. Even though training sessions last for a limited period of time, Dean ensures that the training is purposeful and the learning in each session lasts a lifetime. Regardless of whether it’s a rehab session, fitness class, or athlete training session, he makes sure that his client always knows exactly what they are doing, why they are doing it, and what the outcome will be. Dean finds it most rewarding to see a client reach their personal goals, learn something new, or simply perform a movement pain free. Away from DEPTH, Dean enjoys reading, travelling, and listening to music.

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