I’m willing to bet that you have some pain right now as you read this.


If not, I’ll bet that you’ll have some in a couple of hours. Your neck might get sore, or your upper back will start to ache, or your knees will start to complain.

This is more common than ever, especially if you’re still working from home. You probably have a makeshift workstation with a crappy chair.

I’m guessing you’re moving a lot less than you usually do thanks to lockdowns and good old Canadian winter.

This is a bigger problem than you think.

Why? Because when you’re stiff, sore and moving less during the day, you’re more likely to tire out by the end of the work day. If you’re tired, you’re less likely to do as much physical activity as you should.

If you do less physical activity, you’re more likely to feel more stiff, sore and tired from your workday.

This turns into a vicious cycle.

If you repeat this cycle for long enough, you massively increase your risk of diseases like cancer, heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

This is a problem.

You probably know that you need to be moving more and staying active, but it’s an uphill battle.

You might not even know where or how to start.

Ready for the good news?

With a few quick and easy exercises that you can start today, we can change that.

You can ditch your workday pain, increase your energy, and make it easier to be active after work because you’ll be feeling so great.

You can break the vicious cycle right now.

Here are my top 4 exercises for you to do to feel amazing while working from home…


Wall Angels


These are way harder than they look, and they’re a great way to help beat shoulder, upper back and neck pain

Remember to go slow, keep things relatively comfortable and don’t ask too much of your body, especially if this is your first time trying them

Perform 1-2 sets of 5-10 slow repetitions. 2-3x/day


Band Pull Aparts


These are great to do right after wall angels to get the muscles in your upper back and shoulders working. There’s a great chance that you’ll feel stronger and be sitting more upright after these!

Perform 1-2 sets of 10-15 repetitions, 2-3x/day


Thoracic Extension Over Your Chair


Tired of having your upper back ache after a few hours of work? Give it a little love and get into some extension over the top of your chair.

If your chair back is too high, grab a foam roller or get creative to find something else to use

Perform 1-2 sets, 5 repetitions, held for 5-10 seconds each. Repeat every 1-2 hours


Chin Tucks


Finding yourself dealing with annoying tension headaches? Get some of these neck tucks in the mix and watch them go to work to relieve that headache pain!

Perform 10 repetitions, held for 5 seconds each. Every 1-2 hours


Bonus Tip: Stop suffering in your home office with these guidelines!


  1. Make sure you have a sturdy surface to work on
  2. Use a chair with back support. You can add a rolled up towel or sweater just above your hips for added support if you feel you need it
  3. Bring your screen to eye level with a box or some books
  • If possible, hook up a separate keyboard and mouse to your laptop so you can keep your elbows close to 90 degrees by your side
  • If you don’t have a separate keyboard or mouse, find a compromise between an eye-level screen and elbows at 90 degrees (and make sure you take stretch breaks)


If these tips don’t clear up your problems, reach out to us at DEPTH Physiotherapy and start working with one of our therapists!

We’re ready to match you with the perfect member of our team to get you feeling great and get back to what you love today!


Written by: Jared Maynard, Physiotherapist