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Combining strength, mobility, cardio, and functional movement patterns with a high emphasis on burning calories and achieving outstanding results for everyone!


We are a results driven company committed and dedicated to helping you reach your health, fitness, and nutrition goals. We have designed fitness programs in a fun and innovative way that provides a challenging workout experience every time! We value the importance of teamwork and positive encouragement to help provide you with an outstanding fitness service. Our highly educated staff will ensure your training sessions are safe, effective, demanding, and FUN!

Personal Training

Our highly educated, passionate coaches would love to help you accomplish any specific fitness goal you have set for yourself. Our Personal Training Program is all about doing our best to get you RESULTS!

No matter what your health, fitness, or performance goals are, our coaches will work diligently with you to help you achieve them. Flexible personal and semi-private (small group) training options based on the number of sessions and length per session.

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Memberships & Group Classes

Whether you’re looking to utilize our high performance facilities for your own workouts or attending Depth’s renowned group fitness classes, you have options. Memberships can be either 1 month, 6 months, or 1 year and limited or unlimited.

If you are a member, you can attend our intense group fitness classes designed to provide a high intensity 60 minute workout for those looking to jump start their personal fitness. Classes use a functional approach to training and you can expect demanding full body exercises including weight training, plyometrics, core strengthening, and anything else our amazing instructors can think of to make you SWEAT.

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Nutrition Coaching

Looking to make a health change or improve your nutrition? Our nutrition coaching sessions are with Precision Nutrition Certified Coaches and help you learn about how you can maximize your nutrition habits to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

A variety of coaching options are available. Don’t let nutrition be the reason you aren’t achieving your health & fitness goals!

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Corporate Fitness & Employee Wellness

Regardless of where you work, let us help you support your employees to maximize their health, fitness, mood, teamwork, energy and performance!

If you have a gym or fitness facility on-site, our fitness instructors run classes for your employees at designated times throughout the work day. Don’t have a gym? Don’t worry, we do! Have your employees participate in their own group fitness classes at either one of our locations in Waterloo or Cambridge.

We’ve worked with:

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ShredCity Transformation Program

We believe that with the right tools, efficient and practical weight-loss goals can be achieved. Using a semi-personal design, the program combines a variety of exercises to produce a high caloric expenditure and ramp up your metabolism. In addition to the training sessions, we teach you how to make healthy choices for continuing results.

Our nutrition information focuses on food choices, meal planning, nutrient timing, grocery chopping and kitchen building. By combining exercise and nutrition in a simple approach, our clients have seen FANTASTIC RESULTS! As a 10-week program, ShredCity runs multiple times throughout the year.

SHRED Pounds Lost

Interested in joining? Contact us about the next available date to join.

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60 Day Challenge

Take your fitness to the next level. This competition style fitness program is designed to help you stay accountable to your health & fitness and give you RESULTS!

Using the MyZone heart rate monitoring technology, Depth Training has created a challenging and engaging fitness program that is put on multiple times per year. It will test your commitment and provide accountability with individual and team based challenges each week. Open to all members, it is simple to participate in. You can continue to train at your normal time and day. All that is required is an initial & final body composition measurement and that you participate in one fitness challenge per week. FUN!

Contact us about the next available date to join the 60 Day Challenge.

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