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Off-Season Hockey Training
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We improve and develop the physical characteristics required for high levels of performance, while addressing injury risk, providing education, and challenging mental toughness. At Depth Training, we strive to develop complete athletes who have exceptional work ethics and a strong desire to become better in all facets of their sport.


Summer 2019

Take Your Game To The Next Level

Developing hockey players is WHAT we DO at DEPTH Training. We provide high performance off-season training programs for hockey players of all ages and skill levels.

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Team Training

The DEPTH Team Training Program (TTP) is provided to local minor sports teams in order to enhance the athletic performance and development of their athletes.

 The TTP is designed to provide teams with a positive training experience which educates athletes about proper training techniques, exposes athletes to challenging and complex movements, motivates athletes to reach their physical potential, and encourages athletes to build chemistry with one another by working hard as a cohesive unit.Our program is designed specifically for your team based on the athlete’s age, skill level, and fitness testing results. The TTP will allow athletes to improve athleticism by developing STRENGTH, IMPROVING MOBILITY/AGILITY/SPEED, and challenging them with full body movements to develop body awareness, balance, and explosive power. In addition, we can provide your team with nutritional advice, mental preparation strategies, and a well-designed dynamic warm-up to be implemented before practice, workouts, and games. A variety of packages (Platinum, Gold, Elite, Basic) are available to fit your level of competition and team budget.

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Hockey Training

Developing hockey players is WHAT we DO at DEPTH Training. Comprehensive high performance training programs for hockey players of all ages and skill levels.

For the better part of a decade, DEPTH has been developing hockey players from minor hockey to major junior to PRO using specific training methods based on the time of the year and developmental level of each player. Take the guess work out of training and experience what hundreds of minor hockey players and dozens of major junior/PRO players have with our year-round hockey training programs. Program options include A) In-Season Strength & Power (September-February) B) Pre-Tryout Prep (March-April) C) Off-Season Training (May-August).

Off-Season Program Details

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Sport-Specific Athlete Training

Experience comprehensive high performance training programs for any sport including soccer, football, basketball, field hockey, volleyball, baseball, softball, golf, lacrosse, track and field, running, extreme sports, rugby, and many more!

Individualized programs designed for all ages and skill levels. Don’t try to get there on your own, let our performance coaches prescribe your training and maximize your results. A variety of training packages are available to each individual athlete based on their age and level of competition.

Elite Athlete High School Training Program Details
Middle School Young Athlete Training Program Details

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Young Gunz Athletic Foundations Program

Catch the fitness bug early! Also known as our “YOUNG GUNZ” Program, DEPTH Training has created an athletic development model for athletes playing Atom & PeeWee level sport.

Many high level athletes in a variety of sports started their training in our YOUNG GUNZ Introduction to Athletic Development Program. This program develops the foundation of athletic ability while having fun in a challenging, motivating, and nurturing training environment. Our coaches focus on establishing proper movement patterns and exercise technique, but most importantly ensure athletes WORK HARD and HAVE FUN!

Young Gunz Program Details

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1 0n 1 Training

All of our Athlete Training Programs are designed to provide a high ratio of coaches to athletes (1:6 for High School, 1:8 for Young Athletes & Teams), however there are some athletes who prefer to train in a ‘1 on 1’ personal training session or in a private small group of up to 4 athletes.

In this program, we match the athlete(s) to the coach best suited for their needs and is based on sport and competition level. These sessions must be scheduled specifically with your Depth Athlete Performance Coach.

Pricing is dependent on your individual coach and number of athletes in your group. For more information please email [email protected]

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Athlete High Performance Nutrition Program

Fuel your training for FASTER results. Increased strength, speed, stamina and agility starts with the right bite. Maximize your training success or in-season performance with one of our High Performance Nutrition Program.

Learn about how to use food and nutritional supplements to maximize your training results and sports performance. Step 1: Get Assessed. Step 2: One-on-one coaching to review your individual plan. Education on post-workout nutrition, game-day nutrition, maximizing recovery, caloric intake, macronutrient requirements, healthy recipes and sample meal plans.

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