DEPTH is not your typical gym. It’s a family of dedicated members, athletes, and rehab clients lead by our skilled team of trainers, coaches, physiotherapists, chiropractors, and massage therapists. Together we create a facility of excellence offering you the full fitness & rehabilitation experience.


At Depth Training, we are a diverse community committed to empowering all individuals ready to realize their potential and achieve personal excellence. We do so by fostering an inclusive, dynamic, and positive culture that is challenging while promoting
a strong work ethic and self-confidence.



DEPTH is not your typical gym. It’s a family of dedicated members, athletes, and rehab clients lead by our skilled team of trainers, coaches, physiotherapists, and massage therapists. Together we create a facility of excellence offering you the full fitness & rehabilitation experience.

Located in north Waterloo, the main DEPTH facility is located near the Conestoga Mall close to the intersection of King & Northfield. Located above The Zone Training, DEPTH features a fully equipped fitness facility including turf field, weight room, studio, and physiotherapy clinic.


David Edgeworth
David EdgeworthFounder, President, Level 4 Trainer

Dave graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University with a Masters of Business Administration, from Queen’s University with a Bachelor of Education, and from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. He takes pride in developing clients’ mental capacity, and he encourages self-confidence to overcome any obstacle and achieve personal excellence. Dave has a wide variety of practical experience relating to fitness, on-ice skill development, and athletic development. He also has an optimistic outlook on life and promotes a challenging, educational, and fun atmosphere for all clients. Away from DEPTH, Dave not only enjoys running, playing recreational sports, and spending time with family and friends, but he also enjoys experimenting with different training methods and reading about coaching, training, and business.

Justin Brooks
Justin BrooksPartner, Director of Training, Registered Physiotherapist, Level 4 Trainer

Justin graduated from Queen’s University with a Masters of Physical Therapy and from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. Justin has obtained a variety of certifications since graduation, including AFCI Acupuncture, Active Release Technique (ART) Lower Extremity, and OHA Development 1 Coaching. He is also certified as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA) and Precision Nutrition Coach. Justin brings both practical knowledge and a scientific approach to the DEPTH Training team to ensure his athletes and clients are well trained, both physically and mentally. Justin emphasizes dynamic movement techniques with the proper execution of strength and power exercises, to develop efficient athletes capable of high level performance while minimizing injury risk. Away from DEPTH, Justin enjoys reading about training, rehab, and nutrition, spending quality time with the important people in his life, and finding ways to challenge his boundaries and stimulate personal growth.

Mike Laidley
Mike LaidleyPartner, Director of Rehabilitation, Registered Physiotherapist

Mike graduated from Queen’s University with a Masters of Physical Therapy and from the University of Western Ontario with a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology. Mike has completed several courses since graduation, including Concussion Management, Active Release Technique, and Contemporary Medical Acupuncture Certification from McMaster University. His approach to treatment incorporates the use of Manual Therapy, specialized exercise, Active Release Techniques (ART), and Contemporary Medical Acupuncture, and he is currently working towards a Diploma of Advanced Manual Therapy. Mike has worked extensively with amateur and elite athletes, including NHL, AHL, OHL, and other professional leagues. With an understanding of the functional demands of hockey and training, Mike uses his physiotherapy approach to restore adaptive potential, reduce the risk of injury, and maximize athletic performance. Away from DEPTH, Mike enjoys travelling, reading about personal finance, and spending quality time with his wife and Labrador retriever.

Neil Martin
Neil Martin Athletics Manager, Level 4 Trainer

Neil graduated from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and has completed his High School Strength and Conditioning Specialist Certification with the International Youth Conditioning Association. Neil incorporates a high-energy coaching style into his training sessions to help his athletes push their boundaries and achieve their goals. In his own personal workouts, Neil incorporates many of the foundational training methods implemented by DEPTH athletes while experimenting with drills that help to improve athletic performance. Away from DEPTH, Neil is a former CIS soccer player for the University of Waterloo and still enjoys playing soccer and attending TFC games.

Sean Meagher
Sean MeagherClinic Manager, Registered Physiotherapist

Sean graduated from the University of Toronto with a Masters of Physical Therapy and from Brock University with a Bachelors of Kinesiology. Sean further obtained his advanced diploma in Manual and Manipulative Therapy, becoming a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapists (FCAMPT), an internationally recognized qualification in hands-on therapy. Sean’s treatment approach incorporates the use of manual therapy, acupuncture, soft tissue release, and therapeutic exercise in order help his clients achieve their goals. He has a special interest in working with Crossfit athletes helping improve their performance and return to exercise pain free. Away from Depth, Sean can be found in a Crossfit gym or in nature with his wife and basset hound.

Samantha Winslow
Samantha WinslowOffice & Client Experience Manager

Samantha graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University with a Bachelor of Communication Studies. She started coming to DEPTH as a part of a server challenge and fell in love with the atmosphere. Sam started to find enjoyment in physical activity and pushed herself to her limits! She enjoys the group dynamic of class based workouts to have other people cheer you on, and build friendships along the way. When Sam is away from DEPTH you can find her with her dogs, going on hikes, playing volleyball and spending time catching up with her family.

Mitch Grant
Mitch GrantLevel 3 Trainer, Nutrition Coach

Mitchell graduated from the University of Waterloo with a degree in Kinesiology and is a certified strength and conditioning specialist. Since then he has continued his learning through a number of certifications including precision nutrition and functional range conditioning. As a trainer, Mitch collaborates with his clients and athletes to create an action plan and helps them work towards their personal goals. He believes in a balanced approach and takes into account lifestyle factors such as sleep, stress, nutrition and exercise. Mitch also volunteers as a strength and conditioning coach for the women’s hockey and men’s soccer teams at the University of Guelph. In his free time Mitch enjoys spending time with his family, travelling, skiing, hiking and he is currently training for long distance trail running races.

Gabrielle Lamm
Gabrielle LammLevel 3 Trainer, Nutrition Coach

Gabbie graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a Bachelor of Health Sciences. Gabbie believes her role as a personal trainer is to give people the tools they need to succeed in reaching their personal goals. In her own personal workouts, Gabbie enjoys picking up heavy things and then putting them back down, while incorporating a good sweat session every now and again for good measure. Away from DEPTH, Gabbie enjoys watching Netflix and hanging out with her dog.

Kathleen White
Kathleen WhiteRegistered Physiotherapist

Kathleen graduated from Queen’s University with a Masters in Physical Therapy and previously with a Bachelors of Physical and Health Education and a Bachelors of Life Science. Kathleen further obtained her advanced diploma in Manual and Manipulative Therapy, becoming a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapists (FCAMPT), an internationally recognized qualification in hands-on therapy. In addition to orthopedics, she is a trained Pelvic Health Physiotherapist, focusing on the assessment and treatment of pelvic floor disorders, and holds a certification as a pre/post natal fitness specialist. Kathleen has also completed several courses in running injuries, concussion management, women’s health issues, breathing training and education, myofascial release, sport specific rehabilitation and acupuncture. Having worked with a variety of athletes and non-athletes, including marathon runners, triathletes, and ultra-marathon runners, Kathleen enjoys helping her patients attain their goals. Whether it be competing at a high level of sport, returning to exercise after childbirth or being able to complete daily activities without pain, her goal is to treat and educate her patients in evidence based practice and to give them the knowledge and skills to be successful in their rehabilitation journey. Kathleen has a special interest in women’s health issues, specifically post-partum care, running related injuries, and ACL rehabilitation. Away from Depth, Kathleen is an active mom to two boys, an avid runner, and overall health enthusiast.

Kerri Brown
Kerri BrownLevel 3 Trainer, Nutrition Coach

Kerri graduated from the University of Guelph-Humber with a degree in Kinesiology and diploma in Fitness and Health Promotion. Kerri continued her education at the University of Ottawa for a Master’s of Human Kinetics with a focus on Intervention and Consultation. She believes in a balanced approach to life that includes workouts, eating right and having fun. Kerri finds it’s important to work on the physical, nutritional and mental aspects with each client. She enjoys high intensity workouts for both strength and endurance, especially the workouts that include prowlers, kettlebells and battling ropes. In her free time, Kerri enjoys travelling around the world, cooking and trying new sports. She currently plays hockey in the winter and golfs in the summer.

Andrew Howie
Andrew HowieRegistered Physiotherapist

Andrew graduated from McMaster University with a Masters of Physical Therapy and from the University of Western Ontario with a Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology. Andrew has also completed Junior and Senior Sports Physiotherapy Fellowships with the Fowler-Kennedy Sport Medicine Clinic and a variety of courses since graduation, including Manual Therapy, Sport Rehabilitation, and Concussion Rehabilitation. He has had the opportunity to work with various sport organizations, including Hockey Canada, AHL’s Hamilton Bulldogs, and OHL’s London Knights to name a few. Andrew incorporates a functional and biomechanical approach to assessments and uses diverse treatment methodologies to appropriately target the presenting condition. Andrew is currently the therapist for the Waterloo Siskins Jr B team. Away from DEPTH, Andrew is a former CIS rugby player and continuously strives for personal fitness through sport, physical training, and CrossFit challenges. He also enjoys reading, travelling, and wine tastings.

Bronwyn Stevens
Bronwyn StevensLead Female Athlete Coach, Level 2 Trainer

Bronwyn graduated from the University of Calgary with a degree in Kinesiology. While there, she played varsity hockey for the U of C Dinos where she won a National Championship. Since 2011, Bronwyn has spent her off-seasons training with Neil and Justin, which inspired her to make the transition from athlete to coach. She is passionate about helping athletes to set their goals, push their limits and achieve success when it’s time to compete. Bronwyn employs the same approach with each of her personal fitness clients — everyone can train like an athlete! She loves to work with athletes of all experience levels, from beginner to expert, to improve their overall fitness, strength, confidence and health. Bronwyn spends her time running, swimming and lifting weights and enjoys (almost) every second of it. Outside of the gym, she runs a dog rescue program and is currently applying to medical school.

Sam Poulin
Sam PoulinRegistered Physiotherapist

Sam graduated from the bilingual program at the University of Ottawa with a Masters of Health Science in Physiotherapy, and previously from Wilfrid Laurier University with an Honours Bachelors of Arts in Kinesiology and Physical Education with a Minor in Psychology. She fell in love with the profession through her own experience in athletic rehabilitation while participating in competitive gymnastics and international level cheerleading. She also participated recreationally in sports such as soccer and swimming, and was the student athletic therapist for the Laurier Swimming Team. Sam’s goal with her clients is to keep them performing at their best and on track for all their athletic and personal goals. She also hopes to better serve the Franco-Ontarian community in the Waterloo Region by providing access French health care. Her treatment approach includes manual therapy and soft tissue techniques, all reinforced with exercise tailored to your specific needs. She emphasizes proper technique and functional movements in her exercise programs. Away from Depth, Sam enjoys progressing her functional fitness, travelling, cooking, and spending time with her loved ones.

Ben Playfair
Ben PlayfairLead Youth Athlete Coach, Level 2 Trainer

Ben graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. Ben has developed a deep appreciation and passion for fitness that began many years ago when he first became a member of DEPTH Training as a 10-year-old athlete. Regardless of whether Ben was attending a conditioning workout as a student of Wilfrid Laurier, or running a training session as a coach, being a part of DEPTH has taught Ben the value of performance training and fitness, both inside and outside of the gym. Ben believes in resiliency, in being understanding without ever accepting failure, and pushing yourself to limits you never thought you could reach. Away from DEPTH, Ben plays for Wilfrid Laurier’s varsity rugby team and for Waterloo County’s Rugby Football Club. He also enjoys visiting St. Jacobs Farmers Market, cooking, and lounging outside in the sun with his dog Harvey.

Jacob Renaud
Jacob RenaudResident Physiotherapist

Growing up in Barrie, Jacob spent a lot of time playing competitive hockey and rugby. He became interested in becoming a physiotherapist, as it combined his passions for athletics, exercise, and helping others. Jacob has received both his Bachelors of Health Sciences and his Masters Science in Physical Therapy from the University of Western Ontario. He has gained valuable experience in rehab settings include post-op/ ICU, neurological stroke rehab and multiple orthopedic clinics. When he is not at the clinic, Jacob enjoys exercising, being outdoors, and spending time with his puppy.

Connor Kennedy
Connor KennedyRegistered Massage Therapist

Connor graduated from Conestoga College with a diploma in Pre-Health Sciences and proceeded to obtain his Bachelors from Wilfrid Laurier University in Health Studies. Following his time at Wilfrid Laurier, he pursued his Diploma in Massage Therapy from the Canadian College of Massage & Hydrotherapy and Westervelt College. To date, Connor has continued to further his education through courses in Muscle Energy Techniques, Myofascial Treatments, and Concussion Management Programs. He believes in an active, hands-on manual approach to therapy while working in a dynamic setting, and supplementing patient experiences with exercises for homecare and co-treating with other therapists at DEPTH. Connor strongly believes that education for clients is one of the best ways to assist in the rehabilitation process, and ensures clients are fully understanding of their treatments, plans, and goals. Connor has experience treating patients seeking sports massage and concussion and rehabilitation, as well as clients who need deep tissue and fascial work. Connor has also spent time treating at Cycling Canada events where he treated athletes and cyclists for pre/post-race rehab at the Canadian Track Championship series. Away from DEPTH, you can find Connor as a power skating instructor, hiking, golfing, and riding his motorcycle.

Kaitlyn Hanson
Kaitlyn HansonChiropractor

Kaitlyn graduated from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor of Science (Honours Kinesiology) with a double minor in Rehabilitation Science and Nutrition. She then continued her education at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, earning a Doctor of Chiropractic. Kaitlyn is excited to be giving back to her hometown community, where she grew up actively involved in hockey, rugby, and field hockey. Kaitlyn’s treatment approach includes manual therapy, soft tissue release, therapeutic exercise, and manipulations to help clients achieve their specific goals. She is certified in Contemporary Medical Acupuncture from McMaster University and Fascial Stretching Therapy (FST). Away from Depth, Kaitlyn enjoys cooking, travelling, spending time with loved ones and exploring the outdoors with her Bernese Mountain dog.

Jade Antaya
Jade AntayaLevel 2 Trainer

Coming Soon.

Tessa Bearinger
Tessa BearingerLevel 1 Trainer

Tessa graduated from Conestoga College as a Fitness and Health Practitioner. Her favourite classes to teach are strength classes because she enjoys helping others grow stronger and more confident in their abilities. Even Tessa’s own workouts are strength based as she loves increasing her strength and trying to beat her own records. Away from DEPTH, Tessa enjoys playing hockey and soccer, hiking, and hanging out with her dog.

Braedon Hancock
Braedon HancockLevel 1 Trainer

Coming Soon.

Talia Barbuto
Talia BarbutoClient Experience Coordinator

Talia graduated from Conestoga College with a diploma in the Pre- Service Firefighter Education and Training Program. Talia’s passion is to pursue a career in Firefighting within our community. Her 10 years of competitive dance and numerous podium finishes matched with her future aspirations have helped develop her passion for fitness as well as inspiring her to push herself in her personal training. When Talia is away from DEPTH she enjoys volunteering within the community, spending time with her family, friends and dogs.

David Claeys
David ClaeysClient Experience Coordinator

David is currently studying Kinesiology at Wilfrid Laurier University. He hopes to one day pursue a career in either physiotherapy, or chiropractic care. David has had a passion for sports and fitness in general ever since a young age. Growing up, David was heavily immersed in competitive soccer, and was able to experience many different events and travel to new places because of it. In more recent years, he has become fascinated by weight training and overall physical health, making DEPTH the perfect atmosphere for him to be in. When in high school, David used to train at DEPTH with his soccer team, and is incredibly excited to be back as a Client Experience Coordinator. In his spare time, David enjoys playing guitar, taking his dog for walks in the woods, and watching movies.

Lauren Kane
Lauren KaneClient Experience Coordinator

Bio coming soon

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