How Tendon Neuroplastic Training Can Help You Take The Next Step In Tendon Rehab


Likely at some point you’ve dealt with a tendon injury (tennis elbow, jumper’s knee, Achilles tendinopathy, etc). Whether you saw a rehab professional or did the rehab yourself, eccentrics was probably the cornerstone of your rehab exercises. Eccentrics aim to increase the strength of the affected muscle while increasing the capacity of the tendon to load. WIN WIN!! But what happens next if you plateau with eccentrics? Is that the best outcome you can receive? NO! 


What is the next step then? Tendon Neuroplastic Training! 


Tendon injuries have also been shown to impact the motor control of the individual. Motor control is not adequately addressed with eccentric loading protocols. So how does tendon neuroplastic training address motor control? External auditory cues. Similar to gait retraining in Parkinson’s, auditory or visual cues can increase excitation in the movement areas of the brain which then can then positively impact the motor control of those impacted by tendon injuries. 


How do you implement into your rehab? 

  • Download a metronome app on your phone.
  • Set to 60 beats per second and a 3/3 count.
  • Time your exercises to the beat, 3 seconds up and 3 seconds down.


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Written by: Sean Meagher, Clinic Manager, Physiotherapist


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