Making time for yourself to workout is often easier said than done. Sometimes life gets in the way, or sometimes we use life as an excuse not to work out. If there are 168 hours in a week, you should be able to find 3-4 a week for yourself. People often ask me what type equipment they should have in order to get a good workout at home – and it’s easier than you think. Having a few staple pieces will allow you to do a variety of exercises at home, and you can even take some of them on the go with you if you find yourself travelling!

  • 1 set of heavier dumbbells (W: 20-25lbs, M: 30-40lbs) – these can be used for your big lift exercises (squats, deadlifts, presses)
  • 1 set of lighter dumbbells (W: 5-12lbs, M: 15-20lbs) – these can be used for your high rep or accessory exercises (shoulders, arms)
  • Mini bands (variety pack) – these are great for adding extra resistance to exercises, or use them in place of weights)
  • Big bands (with or without handles) – these are great for a variety of exercises!

Dumbbells and resistance bands TRX, Kettle bell, medicine ball


  • Suspension trainer (TRX) – there are endless exercises you can do at home or on the go with this versatile piece of equipment, you just need a good place to anchor it
  • Medicine Ball – great for working on power, and many different cardio exercises
  • Kettlebell (W: 20-30lbs, M: 30-40lbs) – great for big lift and accessory exercises

I got all this stuff – now what? Pick 5 exercises (try to hit the major muscle groups) and then pick a work to rest ratio. For example:

40s work, 4 rounds:

1) Lower Body Push or Pull – Squat to Press

Squat to press exercise Squat to press exercise

2) Upper Body Pull – Banded Renegade Row

Renegade row Renegade row

3) Upper Push – Banded Front to Lateral Raise

Front Shoulder Raise Lateral Shoulder Raise

4) Core – Banded Bicycle

Core Bicycle Core Bicycle

5) Functional Cardio – Fwd/Rev Bear Crawl

Bear Crawl Core Exercise Bear Crawl Core Exercise


Boom! In less than an hour you’ve done an entire full body resistance workout, burned some cals for the day, gotten in your daily movement, and now you can enjoy the rest of your day knowing you made some time for yourself and your health & fitness goals!

Written by: Gabbie Lamm, Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor