Golf Injury Prevention

To have an efficient swing we need to have adequate mobility and stability in the correct segments of your body. If your mobility is limited, you will subconsciously sacrifice stability in the vulnerable (stable) areas. Sacrificing stability results in: 1) Consistent and predictable swing faults 2) Inefficient energy transfer 3) Excessive stress to vulnerable areas and injury. 

Your body is constantly changing and adapting (positively and negatively) to stresses on it (Golf, Exercise, Sitting). People are not aware of their physical limitations that cause swing faults, and predispose them to injury.

The Majority of Injuries in Golf Happen Because…

We lack adequate movement and repeatedly expose vulnerable areas to excess stress or we simply lack the strength to stabilize vulnerable areas.

How Do We Prevent Injuries From Happening?

Make sure tissues recover properly at the correct length and monitor that movement continues to happen at correct (safe) areas.

How Do I know if I am Moving Properly?

Get Screened: Detailed TPI assessment is geared towards golf fitness and injury prevention. Starts with the screen and then a program and plan are be created to focus on your specific issues that were uncovered. This tells you where you are moving correctly and where you need to improve. The program is then built to fix your specific physical issues (Mobility, Stability, Power).

If You Become Injured, Get Assessed and Treated Immediately!

Spraining your ankle and walking with a limp is a simple example of how pain alters your movement and practicing golf with pain is no different. Pain causes subconscious alterations in movement resulting in practicing a swing full of compensations. 
Addressing and treating the painful tissue will speed up healing and decrease pain and is the first step in injury rehabilitation. Determining WHY the injury happened with the use of the advanced TPI Medical screens allows underlying issues to be fixed so the golfer will become and stay healthy with the return to golf. 

Open communication between your rehabilitation specialist and golf professional will enable you to safely continue with your golf lessons during rehabilitation and to make sure underlying mechanical issues causing injuries are being addressed.

Written by: Dr. Jeff Smeaton, Chiropractor

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  1. Healing Touch Rehab March 12, 2018 at 2:09 am - Reply

    Any sport, be it Golf or any other can cause injury. It is very important for players to understand their injury and consult the appropriate physician or therapist for quick recovery. Thanks for sharing wonderful information!

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